Spin Bike Class

  Register now for the Back to School Bash on Aug 12th! Flag Football Registration deadline August 15th!  
We are excited to receive our Spin Bikes.  Julica Ohara will be the instructor for our spin bike class.
Cost:  GAC Members Free
           Non-Members $5.00/class
Mon & Weds. 5:15 am Beginning May 23
 There will be an intro class on Friday May 20, 5:15 am .  Reserve your Bike now. 5 bikes available.
How to make an "appointment"/reservation:  You will need to sign in to square appointments to view your reserved dates and to reserve a new date.  It will read for "appointment"  That is square's wording.  It will send a code to your phone.    There is a place to see upcoming and past reservations. 
By clicking "Any available Staff" will show a choice of any bike that may be available within the 7 days.
Reserve a bike:  up to 7 days prior to class
Cancellation:  Please cancel anytime up to 1 hour prior to class if you are unable to attend class.  Others may be waiting for a cancellation.  Thank You
Waiting List:  Check back on available time up to approx. 1 hour prior to class to see if any cancellations have occured.